WhatsApp Plus Apk

In this world of digitalization, social media is definitely an inevitable part. Considering the world’s population, majority comprises youth and maximum of the youth use social media. Popular obsessions include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. It is no wonder that for millennial, social media is the most dominant way to communicate. On improvements now every age group like to be on social media. Businesses are finding their boom in social media, thus social media marketing is on rage.Here we packed up some more features and steps to Download and use WhatsApp Plus Apk File for Android.

WhatsApp has changed the way we communicate with people, it helps people to contact each other at anytime and anywhere when you have access to the internet. They are millions of people using this App to share a lot of images, videos, and memories with each other. Later this huge fan base app was bought by large social media giant Facebook for 19 Billion dollars, from then WhatsApp is having a lot of updates with a change in its features like video calling, stories, and new user interface. Even though it is having a lot of updates and features users need some more features with not fulfilled by WhatsApp but with the Whatsapp Plus third party app you can have some more add on features along with the given features of Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Plus is a modified and updated version of original WhatsApp, with a lot of awesome features which are not present in the original one. It gives new add-on features for privacy such as Hide Online status, Hide blue ticks, Hide recording status and also you can set-up password for chats.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus Apk

  • Download the new updated version of WhatsApp Plus Apk file for any android phone or tablet-Download WhatsApp plus
  • Before installing the WhatsApp Plus Apk you need to back up all your conversations so that you will not lose any data after installing Whatsapp Plus Apk.
  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone, Go to Setting->Chats->Backup->Google Drive or Phone
  • First, you need to Uninstall your WhatsApp because you cannot use both apps, Go to Settings->Apps->WhatsApp->Uninstall
  • Before installing WhatsApp Plus Apk, Go to Settings->Security->Accept From Unknown Sources. So that you can install the Apk
  • Open the downloads folder and install the WhatsApp Plus Apk on your Android smartphone.
  • Once installed open WhatsApp Plus Click on Agree and Continue, Allow all the permissions to access the app without any issues.
  • Verify your account->Enter your mobile number which you used WhatsApp before. To verify it will send you verification code to the registered mobile number.
  • Once the verification is done, it will ask to restore the data from backup. Restore the data from back up and wait for few minutes till it is done.
  • Choose profile picture and enter your profile name.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Apk

  • The appearance of the app is complete different from original WhatsApp, the app icon color is Blue and you can change the color, theme, background image and other chat colors too according to your taste.
  • If you are bored with the default font style, you can also choose different font styles and apply them.
  • In the Original app, you cannot send files, images or videos with size greater than 50Mb, but in WhatsApp Plus you can send any documents, songs, and videos with file size more than 50MB.
  • It also sends the location of the user to the receiver automatically without tapping on location sharing button.
  • WhatsApp Plus is all about having more privacy than the original WhatsApp, new privacy features are you can set passwords to chats, Hide Online Status, Hide Blue ticks, Hide second tick, Hide writing tick, Hide Recording Status and Hide Blue Microphone.
  • Original WhatsApp compresses the image to low size while sharing with friends, but WhatsApp Plus shares the images with higher quality and sends them to the receiver so that quality of the image never changes in this app.

Communication has been definitely changed since the advent of these websites. Good things include that It is the fastest, easiest and comfortable way to express. It is easy to reach thousands of people and speak our minds out. Language has also changed noticeably. Abbreviations like LOL, TTYL, Coining up new words and trends like selfie, inbox, etc are common these days.

But things to be considered are people have difficulties making a normal conversation and are more comfortable talking on social networks. News on social networks is two faced leading people to wrong conclusions apparently.Apart, from that, it ‘s an exciting way to interact with people from various cultures and countries making the world a small place.