How to Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automatically

Whatsapp is the top messaging app which we use on regular basis for sharing a lot of stuff from sharing good morning wishes pics to good night pics.Whatsapp have the Automatically download option where all the junk pictures and videos are automatically saved in your phone memory.By,this the Whatsapp folder has lot of junk photos which we no longer need them.There is a way to delete all the photos by deleting the Whatsapp folder in your file manager but you may loose all the important pics too.Here is the procedure for How to Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automatically.

How to Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automatically

This method is very easy to follow where all your junk pictures are scanned and deleted automatically by this app.So,Follow the steps below.

Steps for How to Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automatically:

1)For deleting the junk images like good morning and good night images we need to Install “Magic Cleaner” App which scans all the junk images in your phone and deletes them.

2)Open Google Play store on your device to download the app.

3)Now Download and Install Siftr Magic Cleaner in your phone.

4)Once the App is installed open the app and allow all the permissions to scan your images in your phone.

5)After click on Show me the magic then a doctor will appear click on him to scan your phone for junk images

6)Once the scan is done,you can see all the junk images and you can deselect if you need any images listed.

7)It also shows how much memory these junk images occupied and now delete all the junk from your phone by a single click.

So,this is the easy and best procedure for How to Delete Useless Photos in WhatsApp Automatically.If you have any queries and problems with the app do comment in the comment section below.