How to get Quick Quotes option in WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in the world with more than 55.6% population in the world have downloaded the app.It is popular because of its interface and easy sharing of images, videos, and messages.After the acquisition of Whatsapp by facebook, they are many updates are rolling out regularly like adding calling option,blue tick marks,new material design,quick replies from notification panel,pdf files,google drive and many more.Here is the process How to get Quick Quotes option in WhatsApp.

Steps: How to get Quick Quotes option in WhatsApp

Whatsapp is rolling out its new feature called Quick quotes in the coming updates,they already released this feature in Beta version app v.2.16.119.The feature is you can quickly quote to any msg before and can reply on it as a comment.This quick reply can be applied for a person to person chat or in group chats.

How to get Quick Quotes option in WhatsApp

  • Download the beta version apk in your mobile and install it:   Download Here

I you already have the same version don’t download it [check settings->about in Whatsapp]

  • After installing the apk go to any of your contacts and select the message to quote it.You can select text,picture or video message.
  • Now,you need to long press on the message where you will have a pop up with three options Reply,Forward and Delete.
  • Next step is to select the reply option from the pop-up,then Whatsapp will show a new preview with the above-quoted message and a small box right down to give a reply to the message.
  • After typing your reply just press enter as same as you send replies to the messages.
  • The preview of the message will be as the quoted message is linked at the top of the reply that you have sent.They will be different color codes for different people in the groups to make easy to identify the messages.

Quick quotes feature is very useful for professional purpose where people can select any of the picture sent above and explain it with the Quick quotes reply feature thereby making easy to refer old messages.Whatsapp is looking forward to provides its user base to large extent by providing latest features,there is a rumor that Whatsapp will allow GIFs to make chatting more fun.

They have already added new needed features like google drive sync for messages ,end-end encryption for providing more security and pdf files sharing which are very useful for people who are using Whatsapp regularly.Now people are eagerly waiting for the Video calling feature in Whatsapp which may also roll out in the coming months.