The most popular YouTuber in Unboxing Tech related things is The Unbox Therapy, he almost reviews and unboxes every new and premium gadgets out in the world.He got famous and viral after making the video on iPhone 6 Bend Test which got viral and added lakhs of Subscribers to his list.He has almost 6lakh Subscribers on Youtube, and now Unbox Therapy is giving a true Giveaway of many iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7.Here are the steps to Win an iPhone 6s or Galaxy S7.

Steps to Win an iPhone 6s or Galaxy S7

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1.Open the video in Youtube-Comment on it by stating which phone you want and why?

2. All winning user names and youtube URLs will be listed on this official dbrand website –

3. After you’ve been selected you’ll receive a YouTube DM that includes a validation code and further instructions. To view your YouTube DMs visit

4. You will never be asked for a credit card, please don’t provide that to anyone in your inbox ever!

5. Winners will simultaneously be announced on dbrand’s twitter page if that’s easier for you to follow / track –

6. If your name doesn’t show up on the official list, you have not won!!! Don’t listen to potential scammers looking to exploit you, real winners will be listed AND receive a completely unique validation code.

7. YES, they are all real, brand new phones. Check my social media if you’d like more images etc.

8. If you win, please post an image to social media to let people know.

9. Good luck!

Tips to Win an iPhone 6s or Galaxy S7

How do I enter?

-Just leave a comment on UnboxTherapy’s video. That’s it.

If you feel like it, tell us which device you prefer (Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6s) and why. However, this is not necessary, as we will contact all winners, asking for their phone of choice.

Will I be disqualified if I leave multiple comments?

-Absolutely not – but it won’t increase your odds of winning. We’ll be filtering out multiple entries made by the same account to ensure each participant has an equal opportunity.

How frequently are you selecting winners?

Every day at 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00 EDT.

How are winners selected?

Randomly, from the comments section on UnboxTherapy’s video.

If I win, can I choose what color and type of device for my prize?

Chances are, we’ll already know the type of device based on your winning YouTube comment. As for color, it’s first-come, first-serve. If there are any devices remaining in your requested color, we’ll absolutely be happy to accommodate.

If I win, will I have to pay anything to receive the prize (shipping costs, duties, taxes, etc.)?

Of course not. Everything is pre-paid.